What should you wear to your job interview?

Another part of preparing for your job interview is ensuring you are going to appear as a good addition to the company. Appearances should not matter, however the truth is that you’re regularly judged before you have even expressed a word.

Try to dress above average from what you would look forward to be having on if you had the job. It clues at your desire to steps forward and become successful within the company. If unsure, always opt for a normal business suit.

Both female and male versions come in every size and shape and can be found quite cheaply. Combine with black or brown shoes, clean shirt and if possible a tie, you are unlikely to be out of place.

  • Facial hair – The old saying “Never trust anyone with a beard” is less obeyed these days therefore feel free to step in with you normal face hair. However, do ensure it is well cleaned and trimmed.
  • Not too casual – If you have a feel that casual is good enough then maintain on the neat side of casual. An opened necked shirt and neat pair of trousers is the bare minimum expected in most interviews.
  • No flashing– Even though it might work in some industries, midriffs and cleavage should be covered up for a job interview.
  • No headwear – On no account wear a beanie, or cap to an interview; there are obvious medical expectation and religious to this rule.
  • Strong odor – Too little deodorant or too much perfume can all be big turn-offs, as can cigarette smells therefore ensure you perfume nice, but neutral.
  • Do not accessorize too much – Keep in mind you want your interviewers to be centering on what you’re saying, not obscure purple broach you are wearing.
  • Tattoos and piercings – Another element that is more and more common, and one unlikely to discourage an employer. If you can not do away with them, keep the studs small and cover all obscene or offensive body arts.
  • Slight makeup – You should apply make-up to give emphasis to your mouth and eyes, however should steer clear of anything too ridiculous.

If you have come directly from work to attend an interview or have to go back there afterwards ask your buddy who works near the place if you can leave the interview clothes at their workplace to avoid any arousing suspicion.

How do you create a good first impression at your job interview?

You should not judge a book by its cover, but in reality most people do. There could be a classic novel skulking behind the garish casing, but we hardly ever take it off that shelf and read it to find out. It is the same with an interview. If you turn-up looking a mess you might as well have saved bus fare.

Your interviewers will most likely see you before even they hear you, therefore knowing what to have on in an interview can add ten points as ahead of your opponent before you have even uttered a word.

Start the courtesy as you get to the interview place. Even before you meet the interviewers or reach your interview room, be positive and well mannered with the receptionist and any other person you come across on your way to the interview.

You will have no idea of who has influence in the managerial process, the constitution of the company, so treat every person with equal courtesy. The reception staff may well be married to the interviewer and for this reason could have major influence on your opportunity.

Your handshake and body language are very important in creating a good first impression. Ensure you are not glancing nervously, avoiding eye contact, or playing with the tie or your hands.

Interviews are always stressfully, often scary and at times intimidating. This is a theatrical performance; you are their performer, they are your audience, and you are by yourself.

But do not be grossed out by it all. Keep in mind why you are here, be very clear about what you need to ask and what you need to say, and remain cool.

In the first few minutes, always be as positive about the entire process as you can. Even if you have had a very bad journey, put yourself out not to let the frustration show. Do not forget to show your interest and smile once in a while.

When asked about your current job, do not be tempted at all to ‘diss’ your company, however much you might be longing for leaving. Make it clear to them you are here for the reason that you see it’s a positive career move, and not because you’re leaving a job you are not happy in.

Showing a positive-attitude is the most important first impression you can make in an interview.

If you’re positive and up for the job, your potential employer will most likely be considering you joining their team within a few seconds of you walking through the interview door. The right attitude actually can have much impact on your interview.