Fancy a Beauty Career with a Twist?

Beauty products, treatments and surgery is fast becoming the latest trend in today’s day and age – how can you be a part of it?

These days, everyone wants to look good. Everywhere you look, there’s new beauty salons, new trends and new role models in the media. With so much to keep up with, there will always be a public demand for this type of industry, so if this is something that interests you, there’s no time like the present to get into a new career!

So, where do you start?

The best place to start, of course, is to decide what it is that you’re passionate about. This is crucial, as the way to really enjoy your job is to know what you’re doing and be willing to share your knowledge and expertise to the world. If you’re still reading, you’ll probably have an idea what you want to do or the desire to do it. Good on you! When you’ve done your research into your chosen area, and you’re settled on something you’re happy with, then here comes the exciting part.

Mobile salons and pop up shops are fast becoming the new thing in the US, with pop up beauty bars opening, enticing the likes of business people and perhaps shoppers with busy lifestyles and little time for appointments. Maybe this exciting opportunity is the next best thing for you and the demands of the UK public.

Pop up Botox Stores

Recently, the US has opened SKN BAR, a Botox bar with a difference. The opening of this bar has gone down extremely well with clients, mainly to offer them the opportunity to grab some hassle free last-minute appointments at the most convenient time for them instead of booking days in advance. The UK currently has very little availability for this sort of service and it is said to be fast growing and the next big thing…maybe this is the step for you!

Cosmetic clinics in the UK are ever growing and getting popular each year. Companies such as Courthouse Clinics, have clinics all over the UK and are the nation’s number one for doctor led cosmetic treatments. The popularity of services such as this are a good indicator of how demand is conquering the UK.

Mobile Salons

If Botox and cosmetic surgery isn’t your thing, and you have a passion for hair and make-up, then maybe your own mobile salon is the way to go. Having all your own equipment and your own transport is essential however, as people will rely on you to travel to where they need you to be. This tends to be at an individual’s house for wedding preparations or something similar, so you must really be on top of your game to generate more customer and obtain great reviews.

Beauty Therapist

Being a beauty therapist could be the thing for you if you specialise in one or a variety of areas. There are so many different treatments available to the public that setting up something of your own is a great idea to really shout about your skill and to make people aware that you are the go-to place for your treatments. As with mobile salons, people who are unable to get around to a clinic or salon, or people with busy lifestyles may really be looking for someone like you!